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Various Artists – Vertigo Mixed… By Andy Votel

Discussion in 'Non-Metal Reviews' started by Russell, Jun 20, 2005.

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    Various Artists – Vertigo Mixed… By Andy Votel
    Vertigo Records – 2005
    By Russell Garwood


    Much like vertigo, this mix may while make you feel slightly dizzy after listening. Yes, this eclectic compilation consists of songs spanning the history of Vertigo Records, one of Britian’s foremost prog rock labels. It brings together snippets – generally around two minutes in length - from 40+ songs, which are usually either rock, occasional metal, and spaced-out jazz/funk. While I can’t find a confirmed final track listing (all tracks on the promo were subject to clearance) it seems the line-up is something along the lines of:

    1. Linda Hoyle - Morning For One
    2. Carcious - Introduction
    3. Nirvana - Modus Operandi
    4. Aphrodite's Child - Battle Of The Locusts
    5. Colosseum - The Kettle
    6. Manfredd Mann - One Way Glass
    7. Marsha Hunt's 22 - Oh No Not The Beast Day
    8. Affinity - Three Sisters
    9. Juicy Lucy - Willie The Pimp
    10. Gravy Train - Think Of Life
    11. Freedom - Toe Grabber
    12. Flied Egg - Leave Me Woman
    13. Frumpy - I'm Afraid Big Moon
    14. Warhorse - Vulture Blood
    15. Uriah Heep - Walking In Your Shadow
    16. Juicy Lucy - Train
    17. Bob Downes - Piccadilly Circles
    18. Juicy Lucy - She's Mine
    19. Atlantis - It's Getting Better
    20. Janne Schaffer - Air Mattress
    21. Ian Carr - Hector's House
    22. Patto - Government Man
    23. Atlantis - Living At The End Of Time
    24. Affinity - I Am You
    25. Beggars Opera - Time Machine
    26. Alan Stivell - An Dro Nevez
    27. Dr. Z - In A Token Of Dispair
    28. Atlantis - Let's Get On The Road Again
    29. Aphrodite's Child - Do It
    30. May Blitz - For Madman Only
    31. Baker Gurvitz Army - Memory Lane
    32. May Blitz - In Part
    33. Cressida - Lights In My Mind
    34. Affinity - All Along The Watchtower
    35. Trace - Galliarde
    36. May Blitz - Snakes & Ladders
    37. Nucleus - Roots
    38. Cressida - Let Them Come When The Will

    The promo copy has Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Zao and a few others on as well; who knows if they made it through to the final mix. Either way, this is a constantly changing and very interesting mix, with snippets of many good songs. Andy Votel, the of Twisted Nerve Records and Badly Drawn Boys producer has done an excellent job putting this all together (from his own Vertigo Records collection!) , making it flow as much as possible, although it can still feel a bit disjointed. Psychedelic good fun (really not to be taken seriously), this comes highly recommended to open minded listeners; you’re not likely to find a more unique mix anywhere else this year!


    Official Vertigo Records website

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