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Vocalist Al Rybka’s Katagory V audition clips available for download

Discussion in 'Nightmare Records' started by Dustin, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Dustin

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    Feb 6, 2002
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    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
    For those that have been curious as to our new vocalist, how he sounds and just how well he will fit in Katagory V? There is now a brief, yet tangible answer available to that very question, Read below...

    Newly recruited Katagory V vocalist, Al Rybka, has uploaded a montage of his vocal audition tracks and has made them available for download. The single four-minute track that has been uploaded features four short clips of Katagory V songs that Rybka submitted for his audition, and what inevitably landed him the singer slot in the band.

    Al had this to say concerning the clips, “It is with great pleasure that we present to you these snippets of my audition for Katagory V. I was in talks with Dustin for quite some time before this audition came about, so I waited eagerly to have a hand (er, voice!) at these songs. Once the tracks were sent to me, I had two weeks to get these four songs recorded in their entirety. In addition, I was to come up with vocal melodies for some lyrics they had written for some snippets of new material they were writing for the upcoming album and then record those ideas. Obviously, those have to be kept top secret. My goal with the recordings you can now hear was to stay true to the sound the band had with Lynn while making the songs my own. If you notice some subtle differences in the way I sing these songs, just know that those differences were intentional. I hope you enjoy these tracks even half as much as I enjoyed recording them

    The audition clips can be streamed by visiting Al’s MySpace page located Here, and is available for download via the Katagory V official website.

    Katagory V recently announced that they would be debuting the bands new line-up live in their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday August 8th, and has also confirmed their performance at this years Midwest Metal Anthem festival on Friday August, 22 in Lansing, Illinois.

    In January Katagory V mentioned in a press release that lead vocalist Lynn Allers and guitarist Marc Hanson were no longer in the band, and then six months later announced that they were replaced by Al Rybka and Mike Thiriot respectively.

    Katagory V's most recent album, "Hymns of Dissension", was released in September 2007 in Europe through Burning Star Records and in October in the U.S. on Nightmare Records.


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