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Vortech - The Occlusion (2014) released for free! (Industrial Metal)

Discussion in 'Bar' started by Torniojaws, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Torniojaws

    Torniojaws They call me Juha

    May 15, 2005
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    Espoo, Finland
    So the new album The Occlusion is finally ready and released. It's much more in the style of FLA's Millennium, but brought to much more extreme ends! Lots of industrial stuff in this one, hehe...

    Most of the work is done by me, of course.

    Download here (81 MB):

    You can also stream the songs here:

    Here's the cover and some details:


    1. Forgotten World
    2. Mechanicide
    3. The Origin
    4. Controlled
    5. MTTF
    6. Sparks of Ignition
    7. Flatlined (feat. Mary Rose Viray)
    8. Confined
    9. Beyond Tolerance
    10. Glitch of Creation
    11. Below Radar
    12. Genetic Design
    13. Legacy System
    * 14. Evolutionary Project (Debased World Order Remix by Vortech) (Bonus track)

    All music by Juha Untinen
    Lyrics by Juha Untinen and Mikko Nikula
    Produced by Juha Untinen, Co-produced by Ville Miinala and Mikko Nikula
    Artwork by Juha Untinen
    Engineered by Juha Untinen, Vocal Engineering by Teemu Miinala

    Bonus points to whoever guesses what is the secret in the mix :lol:

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