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Vulture Locust - Command Presence (Full LP) grind/death/thrash/black

Discussion in 'New Metal Band Showcase' started by anomiepsyops, Mar 1, 2015.

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    Nov 20, 2012
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    Extreme metal assassins VULTURE LOCUST have completed their magnum opus of grinding death-thrash havoc. Entitled “Command Presence,” this savage blur of grindcore-based death metal mayhem blasts its way through 15 mutant tracks of vintage thrash, blackened crust, and doom-blasting sludge.

    With unapologetic contempt Vulture Locust continue their dystopian vision of a world gone mad – dissecting police state brutality, martial law, and every conspiracy under the sun.

    Recorded/mixed/mastered ever so brutally by Nathan Richardson (with additional mastering by Robert Nelson of Glorious Usurper Studios) this unrelenting destroyer of an LP re-records all the tracks from their earlier promo “We Need To Talk” plus fresh material.

    “Command Presence” WAV zip:

    “Command Presence” MP3 zip:

    Full Album on YouTube:


    Hailing from Portland, Oregon, this two-man unit will be performing live heavily throughout 2015 on the West Coast. Future European dates and festival performances are on the agenda with guitarist/vocalist Ryan Bartek performing alongside a stand-in drummer.

    On March 3rd, 2015 “Command Presence” will be released as a free download at the bands official website:

    VULTURE LOCUST is a D.I.Y. band. // //

    1 Resolution Of A Conflict
    2 Home Invasion
    3 I Remember Building 7
    4 Terror Alert Level
    5 HAARPstrummer
    6 Monsanto Is Gojira
    7 Chemtrail
    8 Audacity Of Hoax
    9 Sharia Law
    10 Weaponized Morgellons
    11 Minimum Wage
    12 They Live We Sleep
    13 False Flag
    14 Brandishing The Scalp Of God
    15 SowReaper
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