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VULTURE LOCUST grind/death EP "COLD CIVIL WAR" (Free Download)

Discussion in 'New Metal Band Showcase' started by anomiepsyops, Jul 16, 2013.

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    Extreme Metal band VULTURE LOCUST release Free E.P. “COLD CIVIL WAR”

    Portland Oregon's grind/death/thrash metal horde VULTURE LOCUST have just released their first recording as a free download. This new E.P. is entitled “COLD CIVIL WAR” and contains six vicious selections of grind-blasting, riff-shredding, throat-gurgling/screaming insanity.

    VULTURE LOCUST keep it underground as possible with harsh, lo-fi recording techniques and a raging wall of ear-bleeding sound as they lyrically drag the audience through the nightmare world of police state conspiracy. VULTURE LOCUST raise every uncomfortable question while refusing to give a straight answer.

    Download “COLD CIVIL WAR” for free @

    Direct Download:

    Full Album @ YouTube:

    COLD CIVIL WAR cover art:

    **VULTURE LOCUST is a savage and uncompromising extreme metal band from Portland, Oregon featuring members of SASQUATCH AGNOSTIC & SELF MURDER. This bulldozer of supersonic terror is the depraved brainchild of guitarist Ryan Bartek (ex A.K.A. MABUS & SASQUATCH AGNOSTIC).

    Discovering the lack of talent necessary to pull off this fascist annihilating assault wasn't easy, but from the PDX underground soon came grind mercenaries from the blast-assassins known as SELF MURDER eager to deafen audiences with Bartek's horrific audio molestation.

    The juggernaut fury of bassist Max Snyder collides with Bartek's nuclear shredding, augmented by Steve Kowats terrorizing vocals & the inhuman blasting of drummer Nathan Pogue. Battering audiences with a mutated strain of grindcore, death metal, thrash, doom & crust, VULTURE LOCUST is a blasphemic orgy of police state conspiracy which stares directly into the abyss with a crooked mescaline grin.

    VULTURE LOCUST will be releasing a full-length debut in Spring 2014 with NorthWest USA shows and a West Coast tour to follow.

    Beginning July 19th, guitarist Ryan Bartek will be travelling Europe for underground journalism and to work with session musicians to record VULTURE LOCUST tracks. Bartek is currently recruiting another VULTURE LOCUST live squadron in Europe to play festival gigs and future DIY tours. More info @ Bartek's personal site

    ”COLD CIVIL WAR” Track Listing

    01 Home Invasion
    02 Minimum Wage
    03 I Remember Building 7
    04 Terror Alert Level
    06 The Audacity of Hoax

    ...Band Logo...

    VULTURE LOCUST assumes no “ism" & owes nothing to no one.

    (**Contact: )

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