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Wacken Open Air 2022

Discussion in 'ProgPower USA Lounge' started by KingsGene, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. KingsGene

    KingsGene God of Thunder

    Apr 1, 2005
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    near KC
    JUDAS PRIEST To Headline Wacken Open Air 2022; ROSE TATTOO, GWAR, DEATH ANGEL, AS I LAY DYING, PHIL CAMPBELL And Others Confirmed

    "...After the festival has been postponed, we are now looking forward to Wacken Open Air 2022: We can already unveil the first bands for W:O:A today, which will take place from August 4 to 6, 2022. There are also first announcements for Wacken Wednesday on August 3, 2022..."


    "...And that's not all yet! Although Till Lindemann unfortunately doesn't have time on Wacken Wednesday next year, several all-time fan favorites have been added to the line-up. The additional day (separate ticket required) brings five more bands - four of them can already be unveiled:

    First up is Wacken veteran and power metal legend Tobias Sammet with his project Avantasia! For the fifth time the world’s best metal opera will be performed in Wacken. Gloryhammer, whose last Wacken concert was shorter than originally planned due to a thunderstorm, will be part oft he game as well. The Brothers Of Metal are among the most promising newcomers, therefore the W:O:A premiere of the brothers and sisters is just in time. On top you can also look forward to Varang Nord, the winners of the last Metal Battles.

  2. KingsGene

    KingsGene God of Thunder

    Apr 1, 2005
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    near KC
  3. NorseBlood

    NorseBlood franks n steins

    Nov 6, 2013
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    Wacken 2022 livestream is here.
    Two stages this year.

    Faster : Harder stage

    Wednesday, August 3, 2022 (Wacken Wednesday - all times Eastern)
    13:30 Varang North
    14:20 Brothers of Metal
    15:20 Gloryhammer
    16:45 Epica
    18:00 Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia

    Thursday, Aug 4 (all times Eastern)
    09:20 Skyline
    10:15 Cirith Ungol
    11:20 Gravedigger
    12:30 Dirkschneider
    13:50 Guardians of Asgaard (Amon Amarth)
    14:30 Mercyful Fate

    Friday, Aug 5 (all times Eastern)
    Freedom Call
    07:10 Blind Channel
    07:55 Kissin Dynamite
    08:40 Kadavar
    09:25 Lacuna Coil
    10:20 Clutch
    11:20 Overkill
    12:25 Hypocrisy
    13:30 Metal Flight Club
    13:45 Behemoth
    14:55 In Extremo
    16:15 Slipknot
    18:15 The Halo Effect
    19:30 Feuerschwanz

    Saturday, Aug 6 (all times Eastern)
    06:55 Bleed From Within
    07:55 Neara
    08:55 Ordan Ogan
    09:55 Life of Agony
    11:00 Tarya
    12:05 As I Lay Dying
    13:25 Hamatom
    14:45 Arch Enemy
    16:05 Promoters Farewell and Announcement 2022
    16:30 Power Wolf
    17:15 Lordi

    Louder : Bullhead City stage

    Thursday, Aug 4 (all times Eastern)
    06:30 Torfrock
    07:30 Corvus Corax Era Metallum
    08:30 Thundermother
    09:30 The Iron Maidens
    10:30 Mister Misery
    11:15 Mork
    12:00 Rose Tattoo
    13:15 Pestilence
    14:15 Overkill
    15:30 Kampfar
    16:30 GWAR
    17:45 Night Flight Orchestra

    Friday, Aug 5 (all times Eastern)
    06:00 Bokassa
    07:00 Crypta
    08:00 Therapy?
    09:00 Me and that Man
    10:00 Sratovarius
    11:00 Lucifer
    12:00 Alligatoah
    13:15 Nasty
    14:15 Venom
    15:30 Tribulation
    16:30 Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons
    17:45 Mantar
    18:45 ASP

    Saturday, Aug 6 (all times Eastern)
    06:00 Slime
    07:00 Deine Cousine
    08:00 Anne Wilson
    09:00 Insanity Alert
    10:00 Gluecifer
    11:15 Striker
    12:15 Danko Jones
    13:30 Audn
    14:30 New Model Army
    16:00 Spidergawd
    17:00 Death Angel
    18:15 Ill Nino

    more days & times posted later

    more information
    #3 NorseBlood, Aug 4, 2022
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2022

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