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Welcome to The Iron Maidens BB forum!

Discussion in 'The Iron Maidens' started by Metallicat180, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Metallicat180

    Metallicat180 Rockstar-In-Training

    Apr 19, 2004
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    Checking into the Psycho Motel...Crieff, Scotland
    Welcome to The Iron Maidens BB Forum - the place to talk to the band and fellow fans of Iron Maiden and metal music from all over the world! There are only a few basic things asked of anyone who wants to be a part of The Iron Maidens online community. There will be differences of opinions at times - that's to be expected - but please remember to show respect and courtesy in your posts, especially when touching on more controversial topics, such as religion or politics. For the very few who may have trouble with self-monitoring - please understand the main forum moderator is acting on behalf of the band and in the best interest of these forums, so if they find it necessary to remind, warn, remove a post or thread - or whatever action they feel is appropriate to take - it's for good reason! Thanks for your co-operation and support! Up the Irons!
Thread Status:
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