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Well it's been a while....

Discussion in 'Power Quest' started by Symphony, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. Symphony

    Symphony PQ member

    Jan 8, 2002
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    Southampton, UK
    ...and I hope everyone is doing well out there and staying safe as the pandemic continues to plague us. I've had enough to the absolute idiocy on this subject (and others) on FB and Twitter so I've come back to the forum for a sense of calm and to remember how things used to be.

    Obviously no shows for PQ in 2020 with those shows moved to 2021. Now, as I approach my 49th birthday and have elderly parents, I'll be taking zero risks in these matters next year as well. Having not seen my parents since February, that's the most important thing for me and I'll be staying away from pretty much alll other contact to ensure that happens.

    I just don't understand all these people travelling overseas for holidays at this time.......all this is going to do is lead to longer waits for us to be able to get back to playing live shows properly. I couldn't care less about online's fine if you have the money to put on the production and so on but bands like us do not have that luxury and to be honest playing to an empty room is of little interest to me haha!

    Maybe I'm lucky.....I've worked from home for 7 years so isolation is normal for me but even it wasn't I'd like to think I'd not be one of the selfish fuckers who can't stay at home and behave appropriately. The very nature of pandemics is that we are all in it there's no place for the self centred or selfish if we want to get a resolution in a reasonable time, lets say 12 months.

    Only time will tell but there has to be a fair chance that 2021 will be, in the main, very much like 2020. Hopefully by the time we hit 2022/3 things will be looking up.

    Take it easy everyone!

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