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What do music fans want from the bands? The Labels? The Promoters? Help us out!

Discussion in 'Nightmare Records' started by FuturesEnd, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Sep 12, 2008
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    Greetings, music fans!

    We live in a world where, over the past 15 years, it has gotten even harder to create marketable music that supports itself. What I am referring to is not necessarily making a ton of money in the music business to support the artists desire for a Ferrari and beach front property in Monte Carlo, but in the way that will allow the artists to put together tours, record better quality albums, and bring the fans the merchandise that they want.

    With the advent of the internet, quality recording software and hardware at far more reasonable prices than ever before in history, it has become much easier for the bands to make themselves known to the world, but it still takes the kind of money to deliver great records and to hit the road in support of them that - let's face it - most artists just don't have.

    We know from our own experience as fans and from talking to so many people, that so many of our favorite bands - especially in the prog/power genre of metal - don't ever seem to get to the United States if they are from Europe, or if they are from this side of the ocean, out West toward California to play. The issue - more often than not - is the lack of funds that it takes to make something like that happen.

    A number of the smaller record labels that sign music from our favorite genre of music don't generally provide tour support, merchandise, or the kind of high visibility advertising that could create the sales necessary to putting their bands on the road. We have also seen this kind of thing for some of the higher profile bands that we know and love. Futures End has been very fortunate in the kind of support that we get from Nightmare Records, the fans, and the promoters and are very grateful to have gotten the kind of commitment from all of you that it takes to start the machinery of success. It has been an incredible blessing.

    The band, our management, and our label have all gotten together on the issue of illegal downloads and have all agreed that there is no way for us to fight it. It is a losing battle and for some reason it actually seems to generate some disdain for the bands and the labels that simply wish to be compensated for their efforts. It is really our goal to try and find a way to bridge the gap between the artists and those who wish to possess the music in terms of both the illegal down loaders, and those who pay for the music alike.

    So here we are asking you to help us out, to help us understand what you would like to see from us as a band, from our label, from the promoters and management, that would generate interest that will translate into sales of music, merchandise, and tickets for live events. We are officially asking to pick your collective brains and see what ideas you all have that may make the business of making music, then playing it live for you wherever you are in the world easier. What can WE do for YOU, the listeners, the fans, the promoters, and the media?

    Help us out! We would love to hear your ideas! You can post them here, or email us at:

    Thanks everyone! We are really excited to see what kinds of things would make the difference for you all!

    Christian Wentz
    Futures End Cheese Grater

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