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Whats in your stereo Now?

Discussion in 'Saxon' started by Nige T, Dec 28, 2000.

  1. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    I'm currently listening to Silicon Messiah by Blaze. Brilliant album. What about everyone else?
  2. saxon747

    saxon747 Moderator/Webmaster

    Sep 9, 2002
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    I've got The Answer Machine by Skyclad on - Awesome stuff - violins n'all. Very Jethro Tull with Metal thrown in!
  3. thierrion

    thierrion Guest

    Collective Soul - Blender.

    In the DVD, "The Filth and the Fury", the Sex Pistols documentary.

  4. Running Wild and lot's of it. Another great TRUE metal band.
  5. TRtwisted

    TRtwisted Guest

    I have a 5 disc CD changer.


  6. The Eagle Has Landed Pt 2

  7. 1. Primal Fear - S/t
    2. Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
    3 Rhapsody - Dawn of Victory
    4. Symphony X- V
    5. Hammerfall - Renegade
  8. stukingbrown

    stukingbrown Guest


    Quite simply - BACK TO THEIR BEST.

    Another of the great Brit metal bands to stand the test of time. ;)
  9. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    Brave New World might be a good album but Silicon Messiah by Blaze pisses all over it. This album is awesome GO GET IT NOW!!
  10. Rocksister

    Rocksister Guest

    "All Good" by De La Soul feat. Chaka Khan ;)
  11. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

  12. Wheels of steel
  13. Metalstorm

    Metalstorm Guest

    I have a ten disk changer
    1) SAXON Wheels of Steel
    2) Meagadeth Countdown to Extinction
    3)Pantera 101 Proof
    4) Savatage The dungeons are calling
    5) Judas Priest British Steel
    6) KISS hotter than Hell
    7) Accept Balls to the wall
    :cool: Testament Souls of Black
    9) Iron Maiden Real Dead One
    10) Widow Maker STAND bY FOR PAIN

  14. Pink Cream 69 - Sonic Dynamite
  15. Peter Day

    Peter Day Guest

    Today we have mostly been playing:
    Helloween The Dark Ride (hope all you metal heads are going to the Uk Gig)
    Pantera Cowboys From Hell
    Saxon Metalhead
    Halford Resurrection
    Uriah Heep Very Eavy, very Umble (another Party night)
    Motorhead Snake Bite Love

  16. laplandmetal

    laplandmetal Guest

    David Coverdale "White Snake"

    was playing:
    Yngwie J. Malmsteen Rising Force "Odyssey"
    Carnivore "Retaliation"
    Badlands "Badlands"

  17. Peter Day

    Peter Day Guest

    well today we have been blasting this poor tired world with
    Panteras Vulgar display of Power
    Skins live Hasta la Vista Baby (sadly missed band)
    Magnums live Stronghold Double cd
    Motorhead Bomber
    Kill II This Deviate - a piece of excellence in this world.
  18. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    I've still got Silicon Messiah by Blaze on strong rotation (if your going to any of the Helloween UK gigs he's supporting, I'll be at the LA2).
    I'm also listening to,
    1.Misfits : Famous Monsters
    2.Saxon : Eagle Part 2.
    3.Helloween : The Dark Ride
    4.Iron Maiden : The X-Factor
    5.Slayer : South of Heaven
  19. Peter Day

    Peter Day Guest

    well i will be at Helloween, after i finally got them to send me my ticket.
    Yeah can't wait Blaze has been annoying my neighbours today along with more Motorhead a bit of Judas Priest , Helloween and Uriah Heep and Great White so far.
  20. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    Queensryche : Saints and Sinners. (Promised Land Tour Bootleg).

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