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Whats in your stereo Now?

Discussion in 'Saxon' started by Nige T, Dec 28, 2000.

  1. Saxon - Metalhead
    Saxon - Eagle Pt.2
    Blaze - Silicon Messiah
    Iron Maiden - BNW
    Tygers Of Pan Tang - Live @ Wacken
    In my VCR I have a bootleg of Dio @ Irving Plaza NYC
    In my work truck is a cass. I made of various songs from:
    Blind Guardian
    Jag Panzer
    and some other stuff as well! :)
  2. macc189

    macc189 Member

    Sep 9, 2002
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    Macclesfield, UK

    Ive got a 5 CD changer and the usual suspects are..

    1. Saxon - Unleash the Beast
    2. Motorhead - We are Motorhead
    3. Thunder - Backstreet symphony
    4. AC/DC - Powerage
    5. Yo Yo's - Uppers and Downers

    The tape player on the stereo is a dual job, ones got Judas Priests 'Ram it down' the others got an unknown tape in that got stuck around 1996 and cant get out, ho hum

  3. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    I've been listening to America's Volume Dealer by Corrosion Of Conformity. Great record, sounds like a heavier version of Blackfoot if anyone remembers them.

  4. Hi Everyone
    Top Tunes at the moment are-

    1 Thin Lizzy - One Night Only
    2 Saxon - Metalhead
    3 Ramones - Mondo Bizarro
  5. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    I've heard the Lizzy album and although they are good there's no way they should use the Lizzy name. Perhaps if Brian Downey was involved it would be a bit more resonable but at the moment I'd say loose the name.
    Have you ever seen Limehouse Lizzy? If not check them out they are excellent.


  6. Hello Nige

    You Point regarding Thin Lizzy was quite a good one but putting that aside it is still a very good album and John Sykes handles the vocals very well.

    Todays CDs are-

    Wolfstone - Not Enough Shouting/Live (Scottish Folk/Rock at its finest)

    Black Sabbath - Live Evil

    Peter Green/Splinter Group - Destiny Road
  7. Peter Day

    Peter Day Guest

    Today has been a day for
    Blazes' Silicon Messiah.
    Buckcherrys' Time Bomb - a pretty good american band.
    Motorhead - Overkill and more

  8. Hi Everyone

    Tunes of the moment are :-

    Guano Apes - Don't Give Me Names

    Blaze - Silicon Messiah

    Bruce Dickinson - Accident At Birth
  9. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    Just got the new Fear Factory album Digimortal. Its another FF cracker!
    Also been listening to Yngwie's Trilogy album.

  10. I'm playing silicon messiah by blaze too - it sounds good in the car too :D
  11. Nige T

    Nige T Guest

    Hi-ya Caroline and welcome over to the board.
    Nige (BLACK LAGOON).
    Silicon Messiah sounds awesome anywhere!
  12. ooro

    ooro Guest

    In this exact moment I listen Yngwie Malmsteen :cool: ...

  13. strongarm65

    strongarm65 Guest


    Yngwie Malmsteen is cool!!!

    Today we have a Overdosis of SAXON, because: we will see them tomorrow!!!!! In our hometown!!!!! :rollin: :rollin: :rollin:
  14. ooro

    ooro Guest

    Yngwie Malmsteen is cool and a Overdosis of SAXON is cool, too. Very much cool!
    How was?
  15. Peter Day

    Peter Day Guest

    Today the new Megadeth Album - like saxon still knocking out classy songs, excellent work.
    Also some Alice Cooper cause he's playing tomorrow and we need that (with Dio as well -great line up)
    Also some AC/DC, Offspring, Magnum (yes they are back together well apart from Mark the Keyboard player -new album songs all done - how about a Saxon / Magnum tour of England????)
    Motorhead, Buckcherry cause they rock and some Corrosion of Conformity.
    Rock on everyone.

  16. Today the stereo speakers are being abused by-

    Metallica - Garage Inc. (1st CD)

    Saxon - The Eagle Has Landed Pt II (Both CD's)


  17. Listened to Stratovarius - Episode on the way to work this morning. Gonna listen to Gallows Pole - S/T on the way home.
  18. Peter Day

    Peter Day Guest

    today the Hellacopters Payin' the dues.
    Primal Fear Nuclear fire.
    Hammerfall Renegade
    Motorhead Overkill
    Yo Yo's uppers and Downers (now sadly departed !!)

  19. hello to all rockers, :eek:
    i have 520 cd's so some times it is hard to pick one
    but at the moment i am listening to gotthard-g it is a very good album


  20. I am busy trying to wearout THE CULTS new album "BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL" ...........
    ......F*@K ME Does That ROCK!!!!!!!!!

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