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Discussion in 'Andy Sneap' started by Brett - K A L I S I A, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. Brett - K A L I S I A

    Brett - K A L I S I A Dreaded Moderator

    Feb 26, 2004
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    Hi everybody,

    since I have joined this Forum (community I should say), I have seen a number of recurrent persons here kindly giving advices and providing their help. And I realised that we don't know much about each other, so I'm creating this thread to help people introduce themselves and stuff... This could be cool I guess, so here I'm starting.

    Name: Brett
    Location: South of France
    Age: 35
    Own Band: KALISIA (Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Producer)
    Occupation: Metal Producer, I used to be a graphic designer but I did quit it to work on my album. This is my studio website : Tower Studio and this my band website : KALISIA
    Musical Tastes: Metal (almost all types of metal), Progressive Rock, Movies Soundtrack, sometimes Pop Rock.
    Favorite Band: Dream Theater I guess... but the old one (I&W, Awake & SFAM).
    Favorite Album: Images & Words (Dream Theater)
    Favorite Producer: Needless to say, Andy rules !!!
    Production Experience: Getting bigger and bigger: albums, some demos, recording, mixing and mastering of French and International bands signed and unsigned, and occasionally doing FOH. I have worked with/for the following bands:
    Cynic (USA), Devin Townsend Project (CAN), Sacred Reich (USA), Between The Buried And Me (USA), Ram-Zet (NO), Kalisia (FR), To-Mera (UK/HU), Freak Kitchen (SW), Xerath (UK), Imperial Vengeance (UK), Forest Stream (RU), Malmonde (FR), Whyzdom (FR), Agora (MX), Theodore Ziras (GR), Hysteria (FR), Hand of God (GR), Fairlight (FR), Pulse (FR), Bomb Scare Crew (FR), Khynn (FR), The Arkitecht (MX), Veils of Perception (FR), Christophe Godin's Metal Kartoon (FR), Cromonic (SW), Auspex (FR), Six Feet Or Above Ground (IRE), Akphaezya (FR), Hypno5e (FR), Still Square (FR), Cigue (FR)...
    And other artists such as: Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Ludovic Loez (SUP), Andy Sneap, etc...
    Goal: Getting better and better at what I do.
    Production Gear : Too much to write here, check out the "Equipment" section in my website.

    That's all for me, I hope you'll like the idea and share your résumé with us.


    Updated : December 2010
  2. Volcane

    Volcane Power Quest

    Feb 16, 2003
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    Name : Volcane (Jon)
    Location : South West UK
    Age : 31 (Doh!)
    Own Band : Mercury Rain (Bass, Synths, Producer)
    Occupation : IT analyst. Recording our second album. I would love to quit my 9~5 but I can't afford it (too many creaature comforts to pay for)...
    Musical Tastes : Metal (mainly Power/heavy/Gothic), Movie Soundtracks, anything different - some folk, Bjork, Spear of Destiny, Rush. Depends on how I'm feeling.
    Favorite Band : Blind Guardian (hate the production on ANATO)
    Favorite Album : Broadsword & the Beast (Jethro Tull) - even though it sounds like it was recorded with the mics wrapped in blankets...
    Favorite Producer : Andy S. The Finnvox chaps are cool as well.
    Production Experience : Recorded the first Mercury Rain EP and then our first album - neither of which sound particulary good now. In the process of recording our new disc after learning a lot from forums like this, the web, and listening carefully at how things are put together. Much happier with my own ability/judgement now, and not afraid to try new things.
    Goal : If I can't become a rock star with my band (natch), I'd like to work in metal somewhere - maybe promotion, management, graphic design, web design. Not sure if I could do the studio thing, as I couldn't work with bands I didn't like...
    Production Gear : Pentium IV 2.4GHz computer, with an MAudio Delta 1010 and 410. 3 mics : Shure SM-57 and Rode NTK and NT1. Behringer DDX3216 digital desk and Spirit Absolute Zero monitors. Roland XV5050 synth module & Behringer Bass Vamp Pro
    Software : I work on Cakewalk Sonar for the recording & mixing and I'm sending the new disc to Finnvox to be mastered - I don't trust myself not to mess it up. The plugins I like/use the most are Waves Rvox, Rchannel, Rverb, Raxx, TC Native DeX.
    General: I've found that the less is more' approach is working for me more these days. On the guitar tracks I just use the Raxx compressor and the EQ on the desk. No need for reverbs/stereo enhancers/tube warmth plugins that I used to etc. Good sound in, compression and EQ that's yer lot ! Recording a choir at the moment for the new CD, and that's proving fun.
  3. ashby

    ashby New Metal Member

    Mar 28, 2004
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    Name: Luke.
    Location: Melbourne, Australia.
    Age: 20
    Own bands: Synthesist( and PTB( I hit stuff! hehe.
    Occupation: Freelance Live and Studio Engineer/Student- finishing degree in audio engineering.
    Musical Tastes: Metal/Rock/Hardcore anything heavy really.
    Fave Bands: AC/DC(all time), Killswitch Engage, At the Gates/The Haunted, Pantera, Dream Theater, SymphonyX, Dimension Zero, 80's metal, Dark Tranquility.
    Fave Album: ATM any of the Killswitch albums, or At the Gates - Slaughter of the soul. Any AC/DC is always good though..
    Fave Producer/s: Mr Sneap, Fredrik Nordstrom, Endel Rivers and Kye Thomas.
    Experience: Played: on recordings for bands: Synthesist, All Else Fails, The Druid/Implicate Order, Deciple of Hate, and PTB.
    Recorded/mixed: Synthesist Demo, and upcoming EP, Deciple of Hate EP, Arresting Trinity EP, On The Mountain- Cinders single, New Bedlam- City Life single, assisted on PTB album, various live.
    Goals: Hopefully my bands do well..and to become as good (as Andy!) an engineer as I possibly can, continue to learn.. and afford to do this comfortably.
    Love to own my own studio one day.. freelancings not too bad although I'd love an internship at a larger studio.
    Gear: @home a pc running Nuendo 2.1 w/ Wavelab for messing around..
    Otherwise depends on studio.. Usually @ Indent Studios with G5, Pro tools HD3, Control 24, Quested Monitors, various outboard(Shep, Pendulum, Neve, Focusrite, Empirical Labs etc).. I wish it was all mine haha..
  4. Genius Gone Insane

    Genius Gone Insane http://www.¯\(°_o)/¯.com

    Aug 19, 2003
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    San Francisco Bay Area
    Name : The Genius Gone Insane
    Location : SF Bay Area, California, USA
    Age : 30s
    Own Band : none right now
    Occupation : corporate slave
    Musical Tastes : Metal, Movie Soundtracks, a little Dido and other shit on the side.
    Favorite Band : Nevermore, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Fear Factory, Megadeth, John Williams, Dido
    Favorite Album : Obsolete -- Fear Factory
    Favorite Producer : Andy Sneap, Daniel Bergstrand
    Production Experience : Still learning but starting to record my band's 2nd demo
    Production Gear : Dell pentium 4 -- ProTools LE with digi 001 and a bunch of pirated software that i have no idea how to use, a few sm57s, some condenser mics. For triggering drums I have the Alesis DM5. For guitars I'm using a 5150 I with a boogie cab. I also have a yamaha Motif keyboard for lots of rad drum sounds and keyboard effects (I wish I knew how the damned thing worked! It has the WORST instruction manual in the history of mankind)...Alesis M1 active monitors...with all this shit you'd think I be better at this sort of thing...emu1616 for portable recording
  5. DigitalDevil666

    DigitalDevil666 New Metal Member

    Mar 5, 2003
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    Name: Valle
    Location: Sweden
    Own band:
    Musical taste: There is only good and bad music. I like the good music.
    Fave bands: Metallica and Testament among others.
    Fave albums: Depends on the mood.
    Fave producers: Bob Rock, Andy Sneap, Colin Richardson.
    Production Experience: Bought my first recording equipment in ´97
    Production Gear: Depends.
  6. Hopkins-WitchfinderGeneral

    Hopkins-WitchfinderGeneral we are children of god

    Dec 2, 2002
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    Chained to this rock of a Brave New World
    Name : Sam
    Location : South of Wales
    Age : 21
    Own Band : Sepia Dreamer/Ossuary/Astronautical/Mung Eater
    Occupation : Unemployed and Writing material. :)
    Musical Tastes : Metal/Prog/Electronica
    Favorite Band : Erm... Gorguts/Opeth/Anathema/CiC/Insomnium/Coil/etc
    Favorite Album : Thats too hard.
    Favorite Producer : Freddy Nordstrom/ Steven Wilson
    Production Experience : Two albums and an EP. [Astronautical album and Ep/Sepia Dreamer Album]
    Goal : get the band formally known as Ossuary in business. [Metallers from South Wales feel free to apply].
    Production Gear : AKG c1000s / POD 2.0 / Sony monitoring setup with an AMD3ghz PC.
    Softwares : Cubase SX 1 and 2. Various plugins including waves platinum and t-racks.
    Backline: Marshall 1980 JMP-1 100 Watt Superlead / Marshall 2001 Jcm2000 DSL 50 watt / Marshall 1960 slanted 4x12.
    Guitars: ESP301-Viper loaded with EMGs/ Jackson Rhoads loaded with Duncans/ Gorden Smith Custom GS.01 / Yamaha AX Series Accoustic.

    Http:// for Sepia Dreamer.
  7. Forbiddenevil

    Forbiddenevil Member

    Sep 17, 2003
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    Name : Alex
    Location : Germany/Hamm near Dortmund
    Age : 29
    Own Band : DELIRIOUS
    Occupation : Multi-Media designer
    Musical Tastes : Bay Area Thrash Metal, Rock etc.
    Favorite Band : Testament, Exodus, old Metallica, Mordred (RIP), Forbidden, Flotsam & Jetsam, Heathen, In Flames, Soilwork, Gammy Ray, Blind Guardian etc.
    Favorite Album : Testament - The Legacy, Mordred - Fools Game
    Favorite Producer : Andy Wallace, Andy Sneap, Colin Richardson, Achim Köhler, Terry Date, Neil Kernon
    Production Experience : I recorded two demos und two CD's as a guitar player for my band. Playing every day Playstation in the studio is to boring, so I look what the engineers do and that was for me more interresting.
    Now I recorded a few demos for metal/punk/crossover local bands. I also mix some live shows.
    Goal : Playing live on the biggest shows!
    Production Gear : Apple MAC G4 733 Mhz, Logic Pro, 2x Motu 2408, UAD-1, Powercore, old Mac with Pro Tools 4 and Audiomedia III
    Outboard: TL Audio preamps, SPL, some Behringer stuff, Focusrite, DDrum 4, small Mackie pult etc.
    Amps: Mesa Boogie Rectifier, an old Marshall amp (one channel) with old Tube Screamer, Line 6 HD 147, POD xt, Kitty Hawk preamp, H & K Attax, Peavey Rockmaster, Mesa Boogie 50:50, Mesa Boogie standard and Marshall 1960 Lead box
    Guitars: Gibson Flying V, Ibanez Reb Beach and an other, don't know the name, ESP LTD 7-string and a Gothic Les Paul Epiphone rebuild as a 7-string (6 without e)
    Mics: some 57's and a lot of other shure mics, 2x Neuman 187, some old Sennheiser mics etc.
  8. kaomao

    kaomao Member

    Feb 26, 2003
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    Bareggio - Milano - Italy (Shitty Town)
    Name : Maurizio
    Location : Italy/Bareggio near Milan
    Age : 25
    Own Band : Black Sand
    Occupation : Computer programming
    Musical Tastes : Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal.
    Favorite Band : Metallica, Testament, Nevermore, Testament, Machine Head, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Exodus.
    Favorite Album : Metallica - Master Of Puppets, Testament - The New Order.
    Favorite Producer : Bob Rock, Andy Sneap, Colin Richardson
    Production Experience : Recorded The demo of my band
    Goal : Reaching the top with my band or being a great producer.
    Production Gear : Pentium IV 1.7 GHz 256 MB Ram with cheap soundcard, running Cubase sx. Digidesign Digi 002 (it will arrive my home in 3 or 5 days)
    Outboard: Nothing at the moment :-( I hope I'll buy Presonus Digimax LT soon to expand Digi 002
    Amps: H&K ZenAmp Head (it fucking rocks), Line6 II Spider Head (not so bad as you can think), Marshall 1960 Lead cab
    Guitars: Jackson RR1 with Bill Lawrence 505 XL pickup, Cort X-Custom (Jef Beck and Jazz), shitty LTD M-202 with Invader and stock pickup on neck.
    Mics: SM 57
  9. martyfireball


    Sep 5, 2003
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    belfast, UK
    Name : Marty Fireball
    Location : Northern Ireland, U.K.
    Age : 30
    Own Band : Devilmakesthree (
    Occupation : Methods Engineer
    Musical Tastes : Good music! Especially old school thrash and doom.
    Favorite Band : The Gathering & Carcass closely followed by Testament, Cathedral, Trouble and Entombed...oh and about a million more!
    Favorite Album : Carcass - Necrotism
    Favorite Producer : No favs, but Dave Chang, Colin Richardson and Bob Rock have caused me to further my interest.
    Production Experience : Recorded 3 or 4 demos with my old band and 3 demos with Devilmakesthree. Just upgraded my gear and looking to do a glass mastered EP soon.
    Goal : Play Japan to a sold out show! oh yeah, and have a self financing studio.
    Production Gear : AMD Athlon PC with terratec phase 88 running XP with Sonar 2.
    Outboard: Spirit folio SX
    Amps: Peavey VTM120, Peavey 5150, Laney LC15, Johnson J-station.
    Guitars: Gibson gothic Flying V, Ibanez RG550ltd, Fenix Les Paul custom, Fender cheap (but nice) acoustic and dodgy modern Kramer.
    Mics: Mainly T-bone's - Thomann's own brand - I am skint you know!!! :)
  10. James Murphy

    James Murphy Member

    Mar 26, 2002
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    Name : James Murphy
    Location : Central Florida, USA
    Age : 36
    Own Band : Disincarnate
    Occupation : Recording and Mastering engineer, Guitarist
    Musical Tastes : Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Classical, Soundtracks, Acoustic, more Metal
    Favorite Band : Too many to name
    Favorite Album : see above
    Favorite Producer : Andy Wallace, Andy Sneap, Colin Richardson, Fredrick Nordstrom, Steven Wilson, and a few others.
    Production Experience : i've engineered or assistant engineered and/or mixed, and/or produced and/or Mastered many albums in several genres since 1995.
    Goal : to finish all my current projects and get the next Disincarnate CD done!
    Production Gear : Apple MAC G4 dual 1.42 Ghz, MOTU Digital Performer 4.12, Reason 2.5, MOTU 2408 mk3 and 308 interfaces, UAD-1, Waves Platinum and Restoration bundles, MOTU Mach Five, NI Battery, 17" PowerBook G4 1.3 Ghz, MOTU 828 mk2, Mackie HR824's, KRK V4's, Kurzweil K2VX with sampler, and more
    Outboard: TC Electronic Finalizer 96k, Eventide DSP 4000
    Amps: VHT CL/100 Pitbull, Tube Screamer, Line 6 POD Pro, POD 2.0
    Guitars: 2 Caparison Delllingers and a Caparison Angelus, and a few various Ibanez's
    Mics: Sennheiser e609 (x2, the black ones) Rode K2, Shure Beta 58, Shure SM7.. this list will grow a lot soon, hopefully.
  11. Steno

    Steno New Metal Member

    Sep 14, 2003
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    Macerata - Italy
    Name : Stefano Wosz
    Location : Macerata, Italy
    Age : 27
    Own Band : edensHade
    Occupation : Electronic Engineer, Software Developper (Day), Guitarist and Producer (Night)
    Musical Tastes : Metal 80's electro pop
    Favorite Band : Pain of Salvation and many others...
    Favorite Album : see above
    Favorite Producer : Andy Sneap, Ross Robinson
    Production Experience : Done some recording and mastered edensHade first album "Ceramic Placebo for a Faint Heart", produced the two Synaptic Demos, Crystal Tear, edensHade new promo and currently ready to produce our second album....
    Production Gear : Pentium 4 3 Ghz, digi002 Rack with Pro Tools LE 6.4, Reason 2.5, Yamaha monitors, Beringher ADA 8000
    Amps: Line 6 POD Pro, Marshall Cabinet and Power Amp
    Guitars: Ibanez 7 Strings and epiphone Les Paul Custom (Tuned down to B)
    Other: Samson Wireless and BOSS AC-2 Acoustic Simulator
  12. Impy

    Impy Impale/Exhale

    Jan 21, 2004
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    Stockholm, Sweden
    Name : Jonas
    Location : Sweden
    Age : 22
    Own Band : Criseshift (everything), Obsane (bass, vocals), Sepia Dreamer (bass, guitar, programming, producer), B.T.F (bass, vocals, harmonica, synths and other fun stuff, producer), some other yet to be named projects with my bandmates.
    Occupation : Studying audio engineering and working part time at a grocery store (what don't we do for cash)
    Musical Tastes : Lots of stuff, mostly metal and grindcore, but funk is a winner too :)
    Favorite Band : Meshuggah, Breach, Crowpath, Cult of Luna...
    Favorite Album : Meshuggah - Destroy Erase Improve
    Favorite Producer : Daniel Bergstrand, Mieszko Talarczyk, Fredrik Nordström
    Production Experience : Recorded a lot of demos for my bands, various projects at school and the Sepia Dreamer Album.
    Goal : I want to produce the good stuff like Britney and Christina
    Production Gear : PowerMac G4 733MHz, MOTU 828 mkII, Behringer Truth monitors (they're actually not half bad), mics: SM57's, shure drummickit (yet to decide on which vocal mic to buy, but hey the 57's work fine)
    Softwares : Logic 6 Platinum, various plugs like waves, NI, TC and so on.
  13. Matt Crooks

    Matt Crooks

    Feb 13, 2004
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    Mid-Atlantic, USA
    Updated 12/14 since a few things have changed.

    Name : Matt Crooks

    Location : Virginia, USA

    Age : 34

    Own Band : None at the moment, have a new project with John Macalusso underway

    Occupation : Computer Programmer, Studio Engineer

    Musical Tastes : Most everything from Death Metal to Bluegrass

    Favorite Band : Iron Maiden

    Favorite Album : Heaven and Hell

    Favorite Producer : Besides Andy... Neil Kernon, Jim Morris, Tommy Hansen, Tommy Newton

    Production Experience : Division "Trinity", Pharaoh "The Longest Night", Twisted Tower Dire "Netherworlds" (tracked only, not mixed), several tribute CDs for Division and TTD, local band demos and albums. Currently recording Superchrist (MI, USA)

    Goal : To make music for a living

    Board/Recorders : Pro Tools HD|2 on Win XP (4GB RAM, 200 GB SATA, 80 GB SATA, Dual head Video), Alesis Masterlink, some cassette deck and HDR24/96that don't get used much.

    Monitors: Genelec 1031, Dangerous Music Monitor ST

    Converters: Apogee Big Ben, Rosetta 800, AD-16X

    Effects: Sony DPS77, TC M|2000, TC Intonator, Lexicon PCM-91, TC Finalizer 96, Various PT plugs.

    Pres: Avalon 737sp (x2), Neve 1272 (x4), Avalon 2022, API 3124+ (x2), Avalon U7

    EQ: Urei Parametric, Rane Graphic

    Mics: Nuemman 187, KM-184 (x2), Shure 57 (x2), Beta 57, Sennhieser MD-421 (x6), AKG D-112 (x2), D-330, Royer 122, Yamaha Sub Kick, Josepherson SDC (x2), Audix D6

    Sound Modules/Computers (non-PT): SONAR 5, Roland JV-30, DFH Superior, MOTU 2408 MK 3, MOTU Midi Express, Athalon 1800 CPU w/ 512 MB RAM

    Amps: Mesa Road King, ENGL Powerball, 5150, Mesa Recto 4x12 (x2 - 1 w/ v30, 1 w/ C90), Marshall 4x12 (v30), POD XT, Bass POD XT, Analogman Tubescreamer, Teese Wizard Wah, TC G-Force, Strobostomp Tuner, Boss Noise Gate, Chorus and Metal Zone

    Guitars: Jackson Rhoads (x3), Custom Shop 7 string Rhoads, Custom Shop 7 string Star, Soloist, LTD'88, Tackamine 6 and 12 string acoustics, Spector NS-4 & NS-5, Les Paul Classic.

    Drums: Noble & Cooley 6pc set (10,12,14,16 toms ,22 kick, 14 snare), full set of Zildjan crashes & splashes. A custom, Z custom and K hats.

    Cowbells: LP Ridge Rider! :headbang:

    Other: Furman Monitor system, Audio Associates Quick Change 96-pt patch bay (terminated to DB-25s), Furman PL-8 Plus (x4). Mogami and Monster cables.
  14. SickBoy

    SickBoy Croatian Panzer division

    Apr 9, 2004
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    Split, Croatia, Europe
    Jesus, what would I give for these... :erk:
    Q10 and HR824 are on the top of my wishlist, among a few other things.


    Name : Darko
    Location : Split, Croatia (in the center of our Adriatic coast)
    Age : 26
    Own Band : Stimulans, Djubrivo, Firestorm (Guitar, Vocals, Producer)
    Occupation : Recording my album and for others (unemployed if you like...), in fact an unfinished student
    Musical Tastes : Metal (almost all types, but I prefer thrash and heavy), 70s Rock, 80s pop
    Favorite Band and Album: too many to narrow the choice
    Favorite Producer : Andy Sneap, Colin Richardson, Martin Birch, Bob Rock, Jim Morris, Mark Reale and Paul Orofino (last Riot record sounds awesome!)
    Production Experience : I recorded a few demos for a few local bands, and am preparing to record my band's first album. Also, some of my recordings were released, but here the metal production standards are relatively low, so I don't get carried away by this. :) Not that it sounds so bad, considering the equipment...
    Goal : I'd like to work in a metal oriented studio (this is impossible here) and later create my own studio where I could record whatever I like
    Production Gear : AMD Duron 900MHz, 512MB SDRAM, SB Live! crap, Mackie 1402VLZ mixer, Rode NT3, Infinity Alpha 20 hi-fi speakers thru Cambridge Audio amp. Since I work in my room, I record guitars mainly DI'd (distorted by Marshall ShredMaster) and then I apply an amp sim of some sort (mostly SimulAnalog JCM900 or Steinberg Warp)
    Softwares : I still work in Cubase VST32 5.1r1 and plan on converting to Cubase SX 2 for the recording and the mixing. For the mastering I use Wavelab, I really dig its master section. Of VSTi, I mainly use NI Battery for drumsamples and Halion for other samples. I use almost all plugins I can lay my hands on, mostly Waves. Need I say it's warez all the way? :D
    Unfortunately, I can't afford myself a better equipment, let alone a plugin...
    I'm driven by a great enthusiasm and I really regret that I can't gain experience in a decent studio.
  15. DIOBOLIC5150

    DIOBOLIC5150 I think I broke something

    Jul 18, 2004
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    Name : Keith
    Location : Portland, Or.
    Age : 24
    Own Band : Marro (guitar, vox)
    Occupation : Swimming Pool Architect. Equipment Sales.
    Musical Tastes : Metal, grindcore, thrash, blues, classical…
    Favorite Band : Kreator, The Crown, Carcass, Soilwork, In Flames, Malevolent Creation, Cryptopsy, Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Napalm Death… if it’s heavy and doesn’t suck, I’ll probably like it.
    Favorite Album : Crowbar, Planets Collide.
    Favorite Producer : Andy S.
    Production Experience : My own demo, every track from start to finish playing every instrument. Playing for 12 years, recording for 3.
    Goal : Just to make a good sounding album for myself and my closest. Don’t really want to be a rock star. I just love to jam hard and see the looks on people’s faces when they hear it for the first time.
    Production Gear : AMD 3200+, 1 gig ram, 300gb hdd space, watercooled, Adobe Audition, Cubase SX, Extigy external soundcard with 5.1 surround, Mesa triple rec head and cab with 4x12 Peavy Scorpions in it. Shure SM-57, SM-58, Line 6 PODxt, lots of plugins, Anteres Mic modeler, T-racks, Amplitube, guitars are Jackson RR-1, Ibanez Millenium Destroyer, Dean baby ML, Ibanez bass. Tons of other crap too.
  16. acorredor

    acorredor Still Learning

    Sep 26, 2003
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    Bogota, Colombia
    Name: Alejandro Corredor
    Location: Bogota, Colombia
    Ocupation: Recording, Mixing Engineer
    Hobbies: Guitar
    Fav. Bands: Slayer, Megadeth, Misfits
    Fav. Producers: Andy Sneap, Daniel Bergstrand, Michael Wagener
    Fav. Guitar Players: Dave Mustaine, James Murphy, Devin Townsend
    Gear: Pro Tools HD2 Accel, Control 24, Amek Outboard, Genelec Speakers, various mics and plug-ins.
    Experience: Recording and Mixing local artists artists since 1.998.Worked a while in Los Angeles as an asistent in 2001-2002.Now back working locally.
    Amps and Guitars: 5150 head, ESP Eclipse Original Model, Jackson KV1.
    Goals: Getting more mixing jobs from bands in other countries.
  17. 2dark

    2dark guitars must be loud

    Sep 18, 2003
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    Benztown, Germany
    Name: 2dark
    Location: Stuttgart, Germany
    Age: 31
    Own Band: Sacrificium ( (Death Metal), Sorted (temporary name, Crossover/NuMetal), 1 yet unnamed project (In Flames/Schaliach/Extol kinda thing)
    Occupation: Webdesign/programming
    Instrument: Guitar (Marshall 25/50 Jubiliee Series, Marshall JMP-1, Jackson Randy Roads (still with stock pickups), B.C. Rich USA Custom with DiMazio PAFPro, 4x12" Marshall Cab with GT75, 4x12" Marshall Cab with Greenbacks, Morley Bad Horsie I)
    Musical Tastes: Metal, and basically everything that transports some kind of feeling and emotions.
    Favorite Band/Artists: Black Sabbath, My Dying Bride, Bolt Thrower, Zakk Wylde, Slayer, In Flames, Malevolent Creation and the list goes on and on.
    Favorite Album: changes from day to day
    Production Experience: recorded several demos for local bands and my first CD, 1 EP for a Crossover Band (vocal recoding, mixing, mastering) + mixing their first full album, 1 EP of a emo/alternative/hardrock/coresomething band (recording, mixing, mastering)
    Live Experience: lots of small local clubs/bands, FOH on some festivals.
    Production Gear: Soundcraft Spirit Studio, Motu 2408, Pentium 4 with Nuendo,
    couple of SM57, AKG C414, everything else is being rented on demand.
  18. Fabbio

    Fabbio Yoda

    Mar 6, 2005
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    Milano, Italy
    Name : Fabio
    Location : Milano, Italy
    Age : 28
    Own Band : (previously) Spell Temple, Blackout, Collapse; (current soloproject-not final name) Headrush
    Instruments played: Guitar, Bass, Drums and a little voice (good pipes, ugly-flat tone... ...too bad :-( )
    Occupation : Make up artist, Comics and storyboard artist
    Musical Tastes: Mostly Metal, with side tastes like the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Ray Vaughan, Diamanda Galas, Red Hot Chili peppers (up to Bloodsugar... ...when Frusciante quit the first time it's when they creatively lost it).
    Favorite Band : God, too many!!! Metallica, Pantera, Alice in chains, Arch Enemy, Carcass, Faith no More, MAchine Head, Dark tranquillity, In flames, etc etc...
    Favorite Album : Heartwork, Black album, ...and justice, Master of puppets, Nevermind, Vulgar display of power...
    Favorite Producer : Sneap, Richardson, Rock, Date, Rubin, Nordstrom...
    Production Experience : Recording all my bands and music.
    Goal : staying healthy enough for all my life to pursue all I love in life (Music, Visual arts, pretty girls)
    Production Gear :Mbox, ProTools LE, Mac Powerbook G4 17'' (that was a sacrifice to buy!!!), Pod XT 2.0, Behringer V-amp2 and BassV-amp, Korg Pandora PX2.
    Instruments:Epiphone Les Paul and Explorer gothic (Les Paul with EMG 81/85), Dime Washburn (hate the Floyd Rose), Ibanez RG7321, Squier stratocaster (with EMG SA), Cort bass curfew (liuthite body) 5 strings, Samick Bass 6 strings, Zoom Rhythmtrak RT-123, Tube screamer 808, Boss equalizer GE-7, Digitech whammy reissue (red metal one), Behringer midi floorboard FCB 1010. Tuner Korg GA-10.
    Hair: long, down to the butt (and not going bald!!!) Hehe... :)

    And that's me! Sorry for discovering so late this thread in the archives.
    Hope it's still valid posting this.

    Later! :wave:


    And I'm waiting for the Nitronium Blood's 'Who's who'!!! Please Nitro, post your!!!
  19. tgs

    tgs Elder

    Dec 18, 2003
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    Stockholm, Sweden
    Name : Tore
    Location : Stockholm, Sweden
    Age : 28
    Own Band : Confidential, kind of...
    Occupation : Studio engineer/producer
    Musical Tastes : Everything that sounds good (and a big NO-NO to anything that sounds pretentious!!)
    Favorite Band : Dödheimsgard
    Favorite Album : 666 International
    Favorite Producer : Guess I have a lot...
    Production Experience : I've been running a studio since 1997. Have started to get more confident with my productions in later years. Have produced a lot of awful crap before.
    Goal : Making the studio even more successful.
    Production Gear : See (should update the page again though...)
    Softwares : Nuendo 2.2 but I prefer to work outside the computer.
  20. Razorjack

    Razorjack Bass Behemoth

    Jun 13, 2004
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    Manchester, UK
    Name : Andy
    Location : London
    Age : 20
    Own Band : Morningstar Project (as the name sugests, it's a project not band)
    Occupation : Student/Engineer
    Musical Tastes : Metal, EBM, Industrial
    Favorite Band : Nevermore
    Favorite Album : ....can't choose
    Favorite Producer : Andy's work hasn't disapointed me yet, so I'd Mr Sneap.
    Production Experience : Mostly live (4yrs), but I have engineered a couple of albums.
    Goal : To create music that will never be forgotton.
    Production Gear : P4 2.8ghz, 1gb ram, Edirol FA-101, Yamaha MG12/4, Yamaha MSP5, Marshall JMP-1, Marshall 9005, Boss GX-700, POD XT Live, Laney 4x10, Shure SM57 & 58, shitty condenser, large number of guitars, MIDI controller keyboard.
    Softwares : Cubase SX2/Sonar 4 Producer Edition , Waves Platinum Bundle, BFD, Akai plugin suite, Sony Sound Forge 7.0

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