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Discussion in 'Andy Sneap' started by Brett - K A L I S I A, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. guitarguru777

    guitarguru777 Member

    Nov 13, 2003
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    Las Vegas
    Updated: 2019

    Name: Jason Constantine
    Location: Las Vegas, NV
    Age: 43
    Own Band: Solo Stuff
    Occupation: Producer, Mixing / Mastering Engineer
    Musical Tastes: Metal, Progressive Rock & Metal, Jazz
    Favorite Band: Pantera, Symphony X
    Favorite Album: Vulgar Display Of Power / Iconoclast
    Favorite Producers: Andy Sneap, Ross Robinson, Andrew Scheps
    Production Experience: I have quite a few hip-hop, jazz and world music records under my belt since starting in 1994, but in the rock / metal genre:

    Dario Lorina - Dario Lorina - Shrapnel Records (2013) (Eng, Mix, Master. Co-Prod)
    Jacky Vincent - Star X Speed Story - Shrapnel Records (2013) (Eng, Mix, Master, Co-Prod)
    Stoney Curtis Band - Halo Of Dark Matter - Blues Bureau (2013) (Eng, Mix, Master)
    Red Zone Rider - Vinnie Moore, Kelly Keeling, Scot Coogan - Magna Carta Records (2014) (Eng)
    Sicocis - Requiem Of The World Vol 1. - M Theory Audio (2014) (Eng / Arrangement)
    Armored Saint - Carpe Noctum Live from Wacken - Metal Blade (2016) (Eng / Re-amp)
    Attero Terra - Pray For Apocalypse- Backstage Metal (2016) (Eng, Mix, Master. Co-Prod)
    Devils Run - Devils Run - Century Media (2016) (Mix)
    Sicocis – Requiem Of The World (Full Length) - Salem Rose Music (2017) (Co-Prod)
    DC4 - Atomic Highway - High Vol Music / Sony (2018) (Eng / Re-amp)
    Jeff Duncan - Wanderlust - High Vol Music / Sony (2019) (Eng, Mix, Master. Co-Prod)
    Marten Andersson - Marten Andersson - Frontiers (coming 2020) (Eng, Mix, Master. Co-Prod / Writing)

    Goal: Rule the world.
    Production Gear : ProTools, Focusrite, UA, Empirical, and too much other shit to list :p
    Endorsements: ESP Guitars, Two Notes Audio Engineering, Seymour Duncan, Spectraflex, InTune GP, TC Electronic, FU-Tone, Avid
    Amps: EVH 5150 iii 50w, EVH 5150 iii EL34 50w, EVH 5150iii LBX II, Peavey 5150, 74 Marshall JMP
    Go To Plugins: Fortin NTS, Bias FX, SSL-G Channel, SSL Comp, Slate VCC

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