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Why not Don LaFon in Avian

Discussion in 'Nightmare Records' started by zto, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. zto

    zto Keyboardist/guitarist

    Jul 9, 2008
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    Calgary Canada
    Hi Lance,

    I checked out the UK band Progressive Power that Bill Hudson is in, and Circle II Circle, all those bands are talented and clearly work very hard.

    With all due respect to Bill, since you already work with Don in Krucible, why not hire his talents in Avian?

    Avian is something special. That song "Lost and Forsaken" has quite a riff there.

    What amazes me most about musicians is their ability to come up with new material and learn it, memorize it, and live it. Its like having a permanent layoff over your head. That takes guts and determination not to mention talent.

    Like your emphasis on the keyboards as well as vocals. I have played guitar since 1987 but despite blazing speed always had troubles remembering what I was playing. That is the hardest part I think, memorizing all the notes. I am better able to memorize complete Bach fugues on piano, so I have turned to that, and ironically it somehow has helped the guitar, but I have turned away from that. Not sure why the keyboards while harder I progress faster for the time invested.

    Thanks for having a page here for your fans. That's quite different from what I remember being a teenager in the late 80's where all I had was a bunch of photos of Yngwie Malmsteen in my locker at high school.


    MEGALOUD The Nightmare Has Begun..

    Nov 9, 2005
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    Minneapolis/St. Paul,MN (The Twin Cities)
    Well Don is a brilliant guitarist as well, he is also the main writer along with Chuck in SIX MINUTE CENTURY another great band on Nightmare Records, but Don's time and his distance away from my location, have not made this a consideration. We work together already in the ways in which we can, and enjoy it very much. Bill is a perfect player for Avian.

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