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Your Maiden collection

Discussion in 'The Iron Maidens' started by Metallicat180, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Uncle Jake

    Uncle Jake New Metal Member

    Jan 31, 2005
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    Can't forget these DVD singles.

    Wildest Dreams
  2. SteveVai

    SteveVai New Metal Member

    Feb 10, 2005
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    Kent, England
    my LP collection:

    these are somewhere in time, powerslave, Iron maiden, killers, number of the beast, sanctuary single, running free single, seventh son of the seventh son, iron maiden (sharity single), out of the silent planet pic disk lp, maiden japan, women in uniform single.

    this was taken b4 my live after death lp which i got the other day

    Rock in rio
    Iron maiden the early days

    t - shirts:
    we are not a british heavy metal band we are albertoss salesman from montana
    Brave new world t - shirt
    live after death t - shirt

    edward the great
    7th son of the seventh son
    dance of death
  3. darthrya

    darthrya Maiden fan since I was 9

    Jul 31, 2004
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    Washington, USA
    Where do I fucking start?

    Iron Maiden cds:
    Iron Maiden
    Number of the Beast
    Piece of Mind
    Live After Death
    Somewhere in Time
    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    No Prayer for the Dying
    Fear of the Dark
    Live at Donnington 1992
    A Real Live One
    A Real Dead One
    X Factor
    Best of the Beast
    Virtual XI
    Ed Hunter
    Brave New World
    Rock in Rio
    Edward the Great
    BBC Archives
    Best of the B’Sides
    Beast Over Hammersmith
    Dance of Death
    Running Free/Sanctuary
    Women in Uniform/Twilight Zone
    Purgatory/Maiden Japan
    Run to the Hills/Number of the Beast
    Flight of Icarus/The Trooper
    2 Minutes to Midnight/Aces High
    Running Free/Run to the Hills
    Wasted Years/Stranger in a Strange Land
    Can I Play With Madness/The Evil That Men Do
    The Clairvoyant/Infinite Dreams
    Holy Smoke
    Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter
    Be Quick or Be Dead
    Be Quick or Be Dead (French)
    From Here to Eternity
    Wasting Love (Holland)
    Fear of the Dark—Live (UK)
    Fear of the Dark—Live (Holland)
    Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Man on the Edge 1
    Man on the Edge 2
    Lord of the Flies (Germany)
    Virus 1
    Virus 2
    The Angel and the Gambler 1
    The Angel and the Gambler 2
    The Wicker Man 1
    The Wicker Man 2
    Out of the Silent Planet
    Run to the Hills 1
    Run to the Hills 2
    Wildest Dreams
    Wildest Dreams (dvd-a single)
    Rainmaker (dvd-a single)
    No More Lies
    The Number of the Beast (new issue)
    No Prayer for the Dying (promo)
    The Wicker Man (promo)
    X Factor (Japan)
    Iron Maiden (enhanced)
    Killers (enhanced)
    Number of the Beast (enhanced)
    Piece of Mind (enhanced)
    Powerslave (enhanced)
    Live After Death (enhanced)
    Somewhere in Time (enhanced)
    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (enhanced)
    No Prayer for the Dying (enhanced)
    Fear of the Dark (enhanced)
    A Real Live Dead One (enhanced)
    Live at Donington 1992 (enhanced)
    In Profile

    Iron Maiden dvds:
    Rock in Rio
    Raising Hell
    12 Wasted Years
    Visions of the Beast
    Live After Death
    Making of Number of the Beast

    Iron Maiden live recordings:
    Too many to list! 402 cds and counting! I am also getting dvds now. Only 8 so far.

    Other Iron Maiden gear:
    24 posters
    1 NOTB lunchbox
    1 Trooper beer mub
    3 different bobbleheads
    Eddie in the Box
    2 McFarlane figurines
    2 dolls/statues
    7 magnets
    1 three dimension VirtXI poster with flashing Eddie Lights signed by the whole band
    1 original Soundhouse Tapes 7" bought from Keith Wilfort
    16 promo photos of the band, 2 signed
    4 backstage passes
    1 FOTD condom
    many collectors rock cards
    9 buttons/pins
    4 keychains
    1 bottle opener
    1 shot glass
    1 bandana
    1 arm band
    1 pillow (SIT)
    1 pillow cover (NPFTD)
    4 beer mats
    tab books for all the albums but VirtXI and DOD
    Calendars from 1985-1994, 1998-2005
    1 checkbook cover
    2 hats
    1 pair of First Ten Years boxers
    20-something shirts
    1 sticker on my car
    2 golf placers
    1 set of cuff-links
    2 handkerchiefs
    1 coffee mug
    5 patches
    6 greeting cards

    Iron Maiden books:
    Iron Maiden Compapion
    Iron Maiden Companion Update
    Iron Maiden Collectibles
    Run to the Hills: The Iron Maiden biography
    Infinite Dreams: An Iron Maiden biography
    A Ross Halfin Photographic History of Iron Maiden

    Bruce Dickinson cds
    Tattooed Millionaire
    Balls to Picasso
    Alive in Studio A
    Accident of Birth
    The Chemical Wedding
    Scream for Me Brazil
    The Best of Bruce Dickinson
    Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
    Tattooed Millionaire (single)
    Tattooed Millionaire (promo)
    All the Young Dudes
    Born in ‘58
    Dive! Dive! Dive!
    Tears of the Dragon 1
    Tears of the Dragon 2
    Shoot All the Clowns 1
    Shoot All the Clowns 2
    Shoot All the Clowns (promo)
    Back From the Edge 1
    Back From the Edge 2
    Accident of Birth 1
    Accident of Birth 2
    Man of Sorrows
    Killing Floor

    Bruce Dickinson books
    Both Iffy Boatrace books

    Other Maiden-related stuff
    Another 30-something cds from projects by Harris, McBrain, Di'Anno, Stratton, Blaze, Burr, Smith, and Gers.
    32 cds of Iron Maiden tribute albums, and bands with an Iron Maiden cover.

    Damn, my fingers are sore from typing!

    Okay, finally, here are some pics of my apartment. :D

    I hope I didn't overwhelm anyone. :D
  4. Lusitano

    Lusitano Member

    Mar 9, 2005
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    My Maiden collection is:

    CD Albums
    Iron Maiden
    Piece Of Mind
    Live After Death
    Somewhere In Time
    Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
    No Prayer For The Dying
    Fear Of The Dark (Plus Bonus CD)
    A Real Live One
    A real Dead One
    The X Factor
    Virtual XI (signed by the band in Eddie's Bar in Algarve)
    Brave New World
    Rock In Rio
    Dance Of Death

    CD Singles
    Sanctuary / Running Free
    Wrathchild / Twilight Zone
    Purgatory / Maiden Japan
    2 Minutes To Midnight / Aces High
    Wasted Years / Stranger In A ...
    Man On The Edge
    Wicker Man
    Run To The Hill (Live)
    Out Of The Silent Plantet

    The Number Of The Beast
    Live After Death
    Somewhere In Time
    Infinite Dreams/ Can I Play With Madness 12"
    Wildest Dreams green vinyl 7"

    12 Wasted Years

    Rock In Rio
    Maiden England
    Donington 1992
    The Early Days

    Unofficial Releases
    Live Singles
    All Singles Part II (86-92)
    High Vaultage Vol. I, II, III

    Maiden Related
    Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire
    Bruce Dickinson - Balls To Picasso
    Bruce Dickinson - Alive In Studio A
    Bruce Dickinson - Accident Of Birth
    Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding
    Bruce Dickinson - Scream For Me Brazil
    Bruce Dickinson - The Best Of...

    Psycho Motel - Welcome To The World
    Psycho Motel - State Of Mind
    A.S.A.P. - Silver And Gold
    Samson - Survivors
    Samson - Head On
    Samson - Shock Tactics

    Janic Gers
    Gillan - Double Trouble

    Paul Di'Anno
    Killers - Murder One
    Killers - Menace To Society
    Paul Di'Anno - The World First Iron Man
    Battlezone - Feel My Pain
    Di'Anno - Nomad
    Paul Di'Anno - The Beast Live

    Can someone tell me if the DVD - Classic Albums - The Number Of The Beast, have some clips or live songs? Or is it just documental?

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