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Your own lyrics thread

Discussion in 'Non-Metal' started by The_Evil_Gentleman, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. The_Evil_Gentleman

    The_Evil_Gentleman Power Metal Owns

    Aug 9, 2004
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    Mars (maybe Jupiter)
    Hey, what do you think of this

    Sketches Of Life

    There's a moment in life...
    Where you gain everything
    When you feel that you're alive
    Your soul got to start and sing
    Seen death on befriended souls
    But some of them didn't reach their goals
    What on Earth did they experience
    Heard the hymn of silence


    There's a time to live
    And there's a time to die
    There's a time to love
    And there's a time for hate
    The road to nowhere will always remain

    What did you do in your lifetime
    Corresponds the existance of you
    When will I have to smile
    The light over there had grew
    Before you die, you see life in your eyes
    Since then, the mistakes you had to realize
    Did you have fun or did you lie
    On bed, you had to start and cry


    "One moment you could be anything
    the next one everything's disapear
    I will be remembere by some
    and forgotten by others
    you only cry twice in your life
    when you are born and when you are ready
    to die..."

    -Simon Nader-

    (Solo 1)

    "Life is just a journey
    experienced once and once and for all
    you cry for some and laugh at others
    why don't you cry on a villain's death
    when I experience and look at the
    sketches of life drawn"

    (Solo 2)


    "A memorial for the ones who die as a young age.
    Either in war, accidents, cancer or more. Earth will
    cry for you..."


    The End
  2. madcheese9377

    Jul 29, 2004
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    I'm in your toaster, come get me jerk, I'm burnt!
    How bout' mine?
    There's a face every week on the milk cartons now,
    we don't know what's going on.
    There's a madman out on these coveted streets,
    and the cops don't have a clue.
    There's a father that comforts his daughter___she...
    she has infinite beuty.
    Along black waters
    Along black waters__that's where he leaves his victims
    never to be seen, caskets buried empty, and tears fill their eyes for years to come.

    There's a funeral almost every month this year
    and the bodies are never found.
    There's a fear that's been gripping everyone so hard
    carrying guns to arm themselves.
    You can't do anything shooting shadows
    firing shots into the dark.
    She swims along black waters
    That's where she found him,
    Burying them along the shore.
    Along black waters, she can't believe what shes' seen,
    but he doesn't know that she knows, she can't say a word,
    He's the only friend she knows_____.
    Along black waters, this time she falls victim, too late the cops catch him, burying his own blood, first casket to bear a body, she talked too late and died a hero____
    Along black waters_________.
  3. Corpinen

    Corpinen Member

    Mar 2, 2003
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    This one is tentatively titled "No angel" and will be included on my band's first full-length. If you folks come up with a better (and free-of-charge, of course) title, I'd happily use it!

    Counting the hours left
    There are none
    No big words
    No angelic figures upon us

    Tears tear down high hopes
    No expression
    No gesture will tell
    The approaching emptiness

  4. startafight

    startafight Member

    Aug 6, 2004
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    The Decay of You

    cut down the line from your lips
    ruined capital, breeding terror
    victims of thousand mute diagrams
    today is decay and so are you
    the street is dying and broken
    your savior is all going death
    forsaken birth and black eyes
    bleeding! force the concrete bleak
    look! the parliament is burning down
    state of despair affairs of the demon
    exhale and inhale, human system
    corrupted youth and absolute apathy
    charming suicide, dwelling homicide
    you are your own worst nightmare
    this current hell occupies your space
    when everyday is a sinking ship
    the our so called formal demise
  5. blueskytheory

    blueskytheory Member

    Mar 4, 2003
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    33rd; Her Blue Sky Theory

    She trots ahead
    Ignores the vacant cities
    Dismisses everything
    She tends to laugh, which baffles me
    She won't shut up
    I don't dare speak loud enough to echo
    But she loves to hear the buildings reply "Hello"

    I haunt her like a murdered father
    A hagard man hanging on her elbow,
    keeping a vigil while she softly snores
    The forest of leaning chimney stacks
    and razed cement foundations
    is her crib as she sleeps on the earthen floor

    I loot the ghost towns,
    salvaging cans and kindling,
    but she's too distracted to eat
    from all those dreams
    The education she receives
    when she is fast asleep

    She claims that once the sky was blue
    or something just as silly
    "Blue as milk from stubborn Bess,
    blue like the drooling war-drones
    The duds that swerved and flipped
    and never hit a thing
    Those few dumb drones--they lie in craters,
    frothing coolant that's vivid blue."

    She insists, convinced the sky was blue
    and I just let her carry on:
    "Everywhere the ground can't touch,
    in pools between the gentle clouds,
    but not like these--the clouds were white,
    and you could drink them when it rained."

    The world is her playground,
    borderless and treacherous
    She's up with a start in the uneasy dark
    and forgets about breakfast
    Blue or not, the sky perches above,
    an unseen dome behind the clouds
    A roof that rains on the weary
    and the unstarvable urchin

    Oblivious to the cold, she snaps out of sleep
    crawls to where I lie in a heap
    Her obnoxious echos rouse me from troubled rest
    and we continue to the west

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