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Your rare records?

Discussion in 'RC' started by M.Lehto, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Caution

    Caution Caution

    Nov 10, 2004
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    Only collected cd's and lp's fot a year or so, but this is the rare stuff. Or whatever could count as "hard to get" at least.

    Arckanum - Boka Vm Kaos (Promo tape)
    Arckanum - Kostogher (CD)
    Arckanum/Contamino - Split (Promo ep)
    Arckanum/Svartsyn - Kaos svarta mar (cd, signed by Shamaatate)
    Azaghal - Stallhammar Rehearsal (tape)
    Burzum - Hlidskjalf (promo)
    Carpathian Forest - Bloodlust and Perversion (cd)
    Dark Funeral - Agios O baphomet (cd)
    Dark Funeral - S/T (Mcd)
    Dark Funeral - The Black Massacre (lp)
    Dark Funeral - The Secrets Of The Black Past (cd)
    Dark Funeral/Bathory - Live/demo (cd)
    Darkthrone - A Night Of Unholy Black Metal (cd)
    Darkthrone - Evil Past (cd)
    Darkthrone - The Roots Of Evilness (cd)
    Dimmu Borgir - Inn I Evighetens Morke (7"ep)
    Dimmu Borgir - Devil's Path (mcd)
    Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Darkness - Alive in Europe (cd)
    Dissection - Frozen In Wacken (cd)
    Dissection - Night's Blood (lp)
    Dissection - Storm Of The Light's Bane (Rough-mix tape, RARE)
    Dissection - Strom Of The Light's Bane (lp)
    Dissection - The Somberlain (Pic Disc)
    Dissection - Where Dead Angels Lie (shaped mcd)
    Dissection/Immortal - Sacrifice/Unsilent storms... (7"ep)
    Emperor - Live In Frostland (cd)
    Emperor - Live in Graz '97 (tape)
    Gorgoroth - A Sorcery Written In Blood (7"ep)
    Immortal - At The Heart Of Winter (promo, signed by Abbath)
    Immortal - Plague Of Evil (cd)
    Khold - Mörke Gravers Kammer (promo)
    Lord Belial - Enter The Moonlights Gate (digipack)
    Lord Belial - Purify Sweden (7"ep Pic Disc)
    Lord Belial - Scythe Of Death (mcd, signed by the whole band)
    Lord Belial - The Seal Of Belial (promo)
    Marduk - Curse Of The Undead (cd)
    Marduk - Day Of Darkness (cd)
    Marduk - Funeral marches... (signed by Emil, Mogge & B.war)
    Marduk - Nightwing (lp, signed by Fredrik, Legion, Mogge & B.war)
    Marduk - Slay The Nazarene (7"ep)
    Mayhem - Apocalyptik War (7"ep)
    Mayhem - Dawn Of The Black Hearts (cd, re-release)
    Mayhem - Dawn Of The Black Hearts (cd, First edition)
    Mayhem - Dawn Of The Black Hearts (Digipack)
    Mayhem - Dawn Of The Black Hearts (Pic Disc)
    Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (promo)
    Mayhem - Deathcrush (original mcd)
    Mayhem - Deathcrush/In Memorium (lp)
    Mayhem - Freezing Moon (Pic Disc, signed by Hellhammer)
    Mayhem - From The Darkest Past (cd)
    Mayhem - Grand Declaration... (promo)
    Mayhem - Ha elm Zalag (lp)
    Mayhem - I Love Transylvania (7"ep)
    Mayhem - In Memorium (7"ep)
    Mayhem - In Memorium (cd)
    Mayhem - Live In Leipzig (old version cd)
    Mayhem - Mayhemic Carnage (lp)
    Mayhem - Mediolanum... (embossed cover cd)
    Mayhem - Out From The Dark (red edition Pic Disc)
    Mayhem - Pure Fucking Armageddon (cd)
    Mayhem - Pure Fucking Armageddon (ukrain release cd)
    Mayhem - Rehearsal 1990 (dvd)
    Mayhem - Sometimes They Come Back (7"ep)
    Mayhem - The Great War (cd)
    Mayhem - The Return... (cd)
    Mayhem - The True Armageddon (cd)
    Mayhem - Voice Of A Tortured Skull (ukrain release cd)
    Mayhem - War And Sodomy (lp)
    Mayhem - Worship Those Who Ruled (tape)
    Mayhem/Darkthrone - The True Legends In Black (cd)
    Mayhem/Morbid - A Tribute To the Black Emperors (cd, land of rising sun)
    Mayhem/Zyklon B - Necrolust/Total Warfare (7"ep Pic Disc)
    Satyricon - Fuel For Hatred (cds)
    Satyricon - Live at Roskilde (cd)
    Satyricon - Nemesis Divina (tape)
    Ulver - Ondes Triumph (tape)
    Ulver/Immortal - Vargnatt/promo '93 (cd)

    and new items all the time...
  2. spaffe

    spaffe Geisterglut

    Feb 25, 2002
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    Nice stuff, especially those Arckanum releases, I'm in great need of that Kostogher CD you know... :cool:
  3. Everlost

    Everlost Member

    Jan 14, 2002
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    Umeå, Sweden
    My memory is bad.. and so is my collection.. but here are some stuff I can remember :)

    In flames - Subterranean LP [limited to 1000]
    In flames - Lunar strain pic-disc [limited to 1000]
    Naglfar - Vittra pic-disc [limited to 1000]
    Negura bunget - Zirnindu-sa LP [limited to 500]
    Falkenbach - En their medh riki fara pic-disc [limited to 500]

    and I also have some stuff like Cadaver - pains on LP.. but I don't really know if it's that rare or anything,.
  4. Caution

    Caution Caution

    Nov 10, 2004
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    Jepp, I'm looking for many more releases by Arckanum. Hoppas att du får tag i boka vm kaos med arckanum, jag älskar låten bafomet iaf.

    By the way, If anyone of you guys in this forum owns "MAYHEM - UP FROM THE TOMBS IT COMES cd" contact me, I'll pay good money for it.

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