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Youtube conversion/encoding

Discussion in 'Backline' started by azistenostora, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. azistenostora

    azistenostora Member

    Feb 9, 2009
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    Tatooine (aka Milton Keynes)
    Wasn't sure where to post this as we don't have a video related subsection but anyway...

    The other day I uploaded a video to youtube, nothing unusual here but after youtube was done with the processing I noticed that the audio was out of sync with the video by maybe 1/10 second which is really annoying, especially for guitar related stuff as when I pick a note, it's really noticeable.
    I encoded the vid to mpeg4 with h.264 as always, the video is flawless on my machine and gets screwed up after upload. I never had this problem before. I uploaded about 4 times, always the same result.
    Then I rendered my vid to wma and now the audio was in sync with the video but there were really annoying pops and glitches in the sound. After about the 5'th time uploading the wma I got an acceptable result but still not perfect.
    The only thing that's changed in my setup is that I switched from Adobe Premiere Pro to Magix Movie Edit Pro but I still blame youtube for this.

    Has anyone else experienced the same thing lately?

    I did watch a video by Jared Dines the other day where he mentioned something similar and also noticed alot of crackles and pops in Fluff's latest video. What's going on over at youtube?
  2. Keregioz

    Keregioz Kimon Zeliotis

    Aug 31, 2001
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    Athens, Greece
    Yeah, I had similar issues. I use sony vegas. It was a few months ago though. Haven't tried anything recently
  3. FrancescoFiligoi

    FrancescoFiligoi Count Blastula

    Nov 20, 2009
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    Happens all the time - what I usually do is, I'll upload some seconds of the video privately to check audio/video sync, and then tweak, reupload, retweak if needed, etc. Might take 3 to 5 sync revisions -_- I don't know any workaround.

    Regarding pops, most likely because Youtube (and even worse Facebook video) can't handle the loudness amount of a .wav file, I find very often I need to set the limiter ceiling at -0.8dB or even -1dB to avoid it once uploaded.

    Side note, but also colors get fucked up (noticeably darker and more yellow) once uploaded, so I also tweak to fix that apart from audio sync.
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