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ZERO HOUR announces new lead vocalist! Song clip available...

Discussion in 'Headway' started by FataMorgana, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. FataMorgana

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    Jul 20, 2002
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    From the ZH forum.......


    BREAKING NEWS: Zero Hour Announces New Lead Singer

    Jasun, Troy & Mike are very pleased to announce that Chris Salinas (formerly of Power of Omens) is the new vocalist for Zero Hour. The guys couldn't ask for a better person and vocalist for the band. This will be the lineup for many CDs and live appearances.
    Zero Hour recorded a track to see how the four members would work together in the studio (Finding out from our past that this is a very, very important issue with band) and that everyone was willing to put in the maximum effort possible. The results are simply the best Zero Hour has ever had and we are excited to share a 2 minute clip of the song "Evidence of the Unseen". Zero Hour has written all the material for "Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond" and looks to track all the material once Zero Hour has finished negotiations for the new disc.
    Thank you all for your continued support and this Zero Hour CD WILL push the limits to this date for Zero Hour fans.


    Jasun, Troy, Mike and Chris...........ZERO HOUR!!!

    visit the webpage to hear the sample clip

    Enjoy...........and please leave comments.

    Bob 'Buddah'

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